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Welcome to Baseline Landscapes

Our desire is to create a beautiful, functional, and unique look for every customer’s landscape.  Our years of dedication and experience have set Baseline Landscapes at the top of our industry. Baseline Landscapes has long been considered one of the leading landscape contractors in the Portland Metropolitan area.

Our company’s firm commitment: To supply our customers with the best value.  We truly care about our customers, and strive to provide the best quality service.

We take pride in who we hire and the training and conduct of our people. This has produced a company that gets the job done right and on time. When you call Baseline Landscapes to do your landscaping, you get more than just a finished job. You also get a reliable, environmentally-friendly company that takes pride in designing and producing eco-conscience results. Contact Baseline Landscapes today and rely on our professionals to build and care for your property’s landscape.

Baseline Landscapes is the go-to landscaping company, a community-minded leader and an example to other landscape contractors.  Our desire is to promote ECO-friendly values for future generations.

Rick Hodges is the founder and owner of  Baseline Landscapes, LLC.  Baseline Landscapes is Licensed, Bonded and Insured through LCB.

Baseline Landscapes was one of the first ECO BIZ certified companies in area, and is a certified member of the ICIP and PLANET associations.

Rick has worked on landscaping projects of all sizes, but says:
“Big or small, they are all important, and our attention to quality is our priority. We want our customers to know we care about them and their needs – and not just about profits.  We care about our community, and the happiness of our clients”
If you are interested in a rain garden, naturescape, ECO roof, rain harvesting system, or any one of many other, different kinds of landscaping projects to enhance the value of your home or office, we, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Baseline Landscapes can help you!
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